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UPDATE: Switching equipment caused power outage in south Huntsville

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A failure of switching equipment at a south Huntsville industry apparently caused a widespread power outage in the area late Sunday, a utility spokesman said Monday.

Bill Yell of Huntsville Utilities said the outage affected some 26,000 customers across an area south a airport road.

The failure happened about 9 p.m. when a large flash was seen off Bailey Cove Road.

Power was restored around 11 p.m.

Original story:

A large power outage is currently affecting south Huntsville.

The outage began around 9 p.m. after a large blue-white flash was seen on the ground from the area of Green Cove Road and Bailey Cove.

A loud humming sound was also heard.

A large substation in the area, located on Chaney Thompson Road just north of Green Cove Road, was apparently unharmed and lights remained on south of Hobbs Road.

A check by an HNW reporter revealed the outage extended from at least Whitesburg Road and South Memorial Parkway along Weatherly Road to Bailey Cove and Four Mile Post Road.

A release from Huntsville Utilities confirmed a large outage but no further details.



4 Responses to “UPDATE: Switching equipment caused power outage in south Huntsville”

  • I'm shocked at Huntsville Utilities not being prepared for another power outage in this poor town. Just shocked!!!!!!

  • Only news is from this site - nothing from radio, TV or HSV Times that I am aware of

  • It has been an hour - no power and nothing fron HSV utilities regarding status

  • The power outage as far south as Hobbs Island Rd and Whitesburg Bridge