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New Huntsville company to build thorium-based nuclear reactors

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(From release) A new nuclear energy company promises affordable, clean and safe power for many generations through use of thorium in liquid-fueled reactors. Flibe (pronounced “flybe”) Energy Incorporated is based in Huntsville, Alabama and was formed by engineering entrepreneurs Kirk Sorensen and Kirk Dorius.  Kirk Sorensen serves as Flibe Energy's Chief Technologist and previously served as Chief Nuclear Technologist at Teledyne Brown Engineering and is a former NASA Marshall Space Flight Center engineer.  Kirk Dorius serves as Flibe Energy's General Counsel and practiced as an intellectual property attorney at Zagorin O'Brien Graham LLP and as a mechanical engineer with The Boeing Company.
“Our mission is to supply the world with affordable and sustainable energy, water, and fuel,” said Sorensen, co-founder and Chief Technologist for Flibe Energy. Flibe Energy aims to power society with its liquid-fluoride thorium reactor, or LFTR (pronounced “lifter”), a proven technology that has been successfully demonstrated. LFTR technology harnesses the energy stored in the element thorium, the Earth's most abundant and dense energy reserve.  Thorium's abundance throughout Earth’s crust promises widespread energy independence.
Using liquid FLiBe salt as both a coolant and fuel carrier, LFTR extracts energy from abundant and inexpensive thorium over 200 times more efficiently than solid-fueled nuclear reactors extract energy from more scarce and costly uranium.  LFTR is inherently stable, walk-away safe, and proliferation resistant.  LFTR does not produce long-lived heavy elemental waste and can even consume the long-lived fissile materials remaining in vast US stockpiles of spent solid nuclear fuel.  LFTR can support high-temperature operation at near normal air pressure, eliminating the need for massive pressure containment vessels and eliminating the risks of high-pressure atmospheric releases.
LFTR can produce not only safe, sustainable electricity, but lifesaving medical radioisotopes, desalinated water and ammonia for agriculture and synthesized fuels in the process. LFTR technology will have tremendous impacts in the global energy, medical, agricultural and industrial sectors.
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