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UPDATED: Police say man raped female relative for five years

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Mitchell Maurice Mastin/MCSO

This story has been updated with new details.

A man has been charged with six felonies after police say he raped a female relative several times over a five year period.

Mitchell Maurice Mastin, 49, was booked into the county jail Tuesday and faces five counts of first-degree rape and one count of first-degree sexual abuse.

Huntsville police spokesman Harry Hobbs said the victim, who is now 18, was abused from the time she was 11 until she was 16.

Investigators were able to substantiate the victim's claims by using DNA evidence, Hobbs said.

No further details were released. Mastin remains in jail under bonds totaling $210,000.

Note: HNW has been given additional information concerning the victim however we are withholding it as it may identify her.


Original story:

A man is in custody and has been charged with a half-dozen felony sex charges however police are releasing few details.

According to the Madison County Jail website Mitchell Maurice Mastin, 49, was booked into the facility Tuesday afternoon.

He has been charged with five counts of first-degree rape and one count of first degree sexual abuse and is being held on bonds totaling $210,000.

A spokesperson said details were being withheld until police were certain information released would not affect any other cases Mastin may be involved with.

No address was listed for Mastin.

4 Responses to “UPDATED: Police say man raped female relative for five years”

  • He deserves to be put in jail for the rest of his life. He did take a child's innocence, and that's just RAPE, plain and simple there are is no explaining, no reasons he is a sick man

  • To Kevin: Your response was so vicious, it reminds me of what a rapist should be. Evidently, you don't know the people involved or you never would have suggested that this girls womanhood was lost at the age of 11.
    Knowing what many people know of this perwson's reputation and lifestyle, her womanhood was lost or given away a long time before she even met this man.

    This man has been entrusted with chidren for years. This man has children of his own and no one has ever thought of him abusing children until this one incident. An incident brought on by the nastiness of divorce. I still hold that until this girl tells of each incident, I don't believe everything I read, especially when I can see two lies in the article already. One would be the age of the girl now. I still say if a person is not restricted, can leave town and come back to the same environment, can talk to anybody she chooses, that this should have come up before now and the child has brought it up now because she was denied having her way.

    It sounds like you've had an incident with rape yourself and it still plays a part in your attitufe. You may keep your opinion without my need to slap you or wish the worst for you. Maybe when you grow-up and start seeing the bad characters and natures of people, you'll see that a man's life is too important to be wrecked by malicious people and the charges they make for their own selfish reasons. Good-bye.

  • This is in response to Angie B. You seriously need a slap in the face for saying something stupid like that. Rape is Rape. Point blank. There's no ifs, no buts about it. He raped a 14-years old girl, robbed her of her womanhood and that isn't right. Your comments sounds like you supported him for what he did to her, and you might as well be charged with rape...

  • RAPE. A serious accusation. What constitutes rae? In some cultures, in the United States and abroad, a girl is considered a woman of mrriagable age at eleven. In America, a girl, no matter how "knowledgable, has legal protection regardless of circumstance.In this case, we have the complication of five(5) "rapes. In America, the younger partner of this particular accustion, offers no explanation of the 'rapes" or at what point is the second party to this two-person participant action call this 'rape'. In this alleged 'case' and the relative is now of legal age; as an American citizen, I am interested to know how a person who is not threatened, or confind by any physical restraints, and has access to all kind of help against abuse and has mind enough to know what they like or dont like---I would like to hear what the motivation is to get tired of the on-going circumstance enough to do something.

    What changed after time and time, year after year, that made the 'abuse' be finally unbearable enough to become public knowledge. I don't think the age of a two=party transaction protect one party and wreck the life of the other. Why should the public be denied the complete story including the circumstances of each encounter. After witnessing the differences of today's eleven year olds as compared to the knowledge and experiences of eleven year olds fifteen or twenty years ago, I think both sides should be heard and considered. I think if judgement be made, it should be made fairly with public statements of everyone concerned.

    Condiidering this times' exposure of sexual conditions and advancement, I would have to know situations from more than one point-of-view.The cover of age should be removed as automatic protector, and circumstances looked at head-on. A man's character is important enoulgh to consider everything that might attempt to suddenly destroy it. If s person is old enough to bring such a charge they should be old enough to explain why the charge is made,after such a lenthy time. Omitting age, what action sonstittes 'rape'.? This accusation is seriious enough to coonsider manipulation, consent, and circumstances.I've encountered 4 year olds who can manipulate circumstances to their advantange with adult knowledge and skills, with personal goals in minds and cause damaging results---malice is malice at any age.A damaging scheme can be thought up at any age.To fairly view this particular situation, one must step outside the bounds constructed by age. With the ability to come and go and speak as one pleases, what specific actions constitute the charge of 'rape' after a period of years?