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Exclusive: Huntsville man charged with impersonating federal agent

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Virgil J. Coleman/MCSO

A Huntsville man is in the county jail after police said he spent the last several months impersonating a federal law enforcement officer.

Virgil J. Coleman, 30, was arrested Tuesday and charged with impersonating a peace officer, first-degree extortion, and possession of a pistol by a violent felon.

Spokesman Harry Hobbs said Coleman had been carrying on the scheme since February however he could no provide further details, citing the ongoing investigation.

Coleman posed as a United States Marshal, had a fake federal badge, and used the name Jaye Sanchez.

Hobbs encouraged anyone who may have had contact with Coleman/Sanchez to contact police.

4 Responses to “Exclusive: Huntsville man charged with impersonating federal agent”

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  • I know about this case, and this person. I know this person very well, and I am a pretty known person in and around my community, and I am here to tell you that what J. is being accused of is straight lies and false. Somone or some ones have something person against this guy. He would do anything in the world to help you and be in your corner. Him impersonating anyone or what so ever is totally horse mess. This is a father and a citizen of the community, to just speak such things about him cause you dont know him or like him is wrong and false. I know i am in his corner and so are so many others that will see that those responsible for the lies, and mis-leading information shall be dealt with in the manner of which the law in justified. Jame.

  • This is a very serious case... I know this because I am a victim of jay sanchez. Please if you know anything or if he did this to you please don't hesitate to call. It doesn't matter how you came In contact wit him or what he may have taken from you please report it. This guy shouldn't get the chance to be out on the streets to terrorize anyone else the way he did me and my family....