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Gun owners group endorses Brooks for congress

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Mo Brooks/HNW file

(From release) Huntsville-Republican congressional nominee Mo Brooks has been endorsed by the Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund.

Announcing the endorsement, GOA-PVF Vice-Chairman Tim Macy said, "Mo Brooks is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and is committed to not only opposing the anti-gun schemes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but also to work to roll back the unconstitutional gun laws already on the books."

Macy went on to say, "His opponent will be another vote to keep House Speaker nancy Pelosi in power-a San Francisco liberal whose radical, anti-gun agenda is far out of step with the values of Alabama voters."

After learning of the endorsement, Brooks said, "I stand second to no one in my support and defense of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. I will fight tooth and nail against the anti-gun agenda of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Gun Owners of America has a long history of working effectively to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans to defendĀ  themselves and their families, and I'm proud that they trust me to join them in that fight."

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