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Tea Party groups deny use of “robo-calls” against Mo Brooks; claim anonymous calls are just “dirty politics”

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This video features a press conference at the Mo Brooks campaign offices Monday afternoon. In the conference, leaders of area Tea Party groups emphatically denied any connection to a "robo call" they claim sounds as if it comes from a Tea Party group.  The groups imply the call is trying to split Tea Party supporters away from Brooks. The groups released the following statement:

"As leaders of the four largest Tea Party groups in North Alabama's 5th Congressional District: Chad Capps, President of the Huntsville Tea Party Movement; Denel Wardell, President of Shoals2DC and head of Alabama Liberty Caucus; Steve Phillips, President of Tea Party Patriots of North Alabama; and Deborah King, leaders of the Athens-Limestone Tea Party; we join together to make the following statement:
"Recently, there have been a number of robo-calls targeting likely supporters of the Tea Party movement in the 5th Congressional District of Alabama stating that the Tea Party has been insulted by Republican Congressional Candidate Mo Brooks. These calls are worded to make it sound like they were run by the Tea Party. This call hides its backers and with its wording misrepresents itself as being the position of the Tea Party movement, which it is not. We condemn this automated call as intentionally deceptive.
"We strongly state that no Tea Party group in the Tennessee Valley is responsible for these calls. These calls are just another desperate example of dirty politics. Mo Brooks has not 'insulted the Tea Party members,' he has not 'left conservative voters desperate for leadership,' and he certainly does not need to be reminded of the importance of lower taxes, as evidenced by the fact that he was ranked #1 out of 140 legislators in the fight against higher taxes by the Alabama Taxpayers Defense Fund.
"Voters are best able to choose their candidate when they are presented with facts, from a known source, in an honest manner. These robo-calls and dirty political tricks like them are the very antitheses of the open discussion and vigorous debates so cherished and utilized by Tea Party groups everywhere. We call on voters to ignore the half-truths and dishonesty so frequently utilized by the desperate, to do their own research and find the candidates that best exemplify the principles of the Tea Party movement, and then get out on November 2nd and vote accordingly."

Leslie Hinshaw, communications director for the campaign of Brooks' opponent Steve Raby, denied any connection to the calls.

"The (Raby) campaign knows nothing about the "robo-calls" or the Facebook page."  Hinshaw said the FaceBook page she referred to is entitled "Contract From America." In a screenshot of that page she provided to HNW, there are comments concerning Brooks and the Contract. Hinshaw said the page did not originate with the Raby campaign nor did the campaign post any of the comments on the page.

Prior to the denial Hinshaw sent HNW the following statement:

People are sick of partisan politics and all of the bickering about issues that have nothing to do with this Congressional race. I have been all over the Tennessee Valley meeting people and listening to their issues.  The real concern of the people of this district is jobs.  The people want a Congressman who has the experience in working with local elected leaders to help create jobs in every county in the 5th district.  The people want to talk about who is best qualified to get earmarks for Redstone and transportation projects.  I have the background to do that.

It is sad but not surprising that Mo Brooks would resort to this type of political attack.  Mo is a career politician who has run eleven political campaigns for five different offices.

Mo Brooks signed and unsigned the Contract from America and I guess now he’s trying to blame me because he can’t keep his word.  I suppose the campaign is also responsible for the almost 200 comments on Contract from America’s Facebook Page, which urged the following:

“Under pressure from his Democrat opponent, GOP candidate in Alabama's 5th congressional district, MO BROOKS, UNSIGNED the Contract from America. Mo apparently decided earmarks were not the same as pork. Do you agree? Is this the kind of representative you want elected to Congress? Share your views (respectfully) with Mo. Give him a call at 256-881-3779.” 1

One commenter on the Contract from America page addressed the issue as follows:  “…he wasn't our best choice. This flip-flopping was exactly what I was afraid of. The main reason he won was because a couple of tea party leaders (good people - don't get me wrong) personally endorsed him.”"

3 Responses to “Tea Party groups deny use of “robo-calls” against Mo Brooks; claim anonymous calls are just “dirty politics””

  • The reason we held that news conference was not to show our support for or against a particular candidate. We wanted to set the record straight with the public in the district that the Tea Party organizations within the district had nothing to do with these calls, and we did not appreciate being used in this fashion.

    We know that Steve Raby is not behind the Contract From America facebook page, and I find it interesting that his campaign would spend more time discussing that they are not behind the facebook page than saying much about the robo-calls. Contract From America facebook page is ran by Contract From America.

    I also find it interesting that out of all the comments that were in the discussion about Mo Brooks "unsigning" the CFA, the one that keeps getting quoted is the one saying "...he (Mo Brooks) wasn't our best choice..." And yet, all the comments about why Mo Brooks "unsigned" the CFA were completely ignored.

    The point is, someone took bits of an online conversation and created a campaign against a candidate using the Tea Party movement, and targeting Tea Party patriots. We are tired of this whole political game...and we are not going to stand for it! Switch out the isn't about Mo Brooks...or Steve Raby! It is about the fact that the Tea Party movement has been used as a pawn in these tactics, and whoever did it hid their identity in the process so the calls would seem to be coming from the Tea Party movement. I believe they also hid their identity because they are cowards, unwilling to face us directly.

  • I agree. Liberal Raby has no substance. Have you ever noticed his ads talk more about Mr. Brooks than himself? I guess he's gotta do something to fill the time. I love the fact Raby's latest ads state that Mr. Brooks has been serving the public for 30 years. Sounds like he's doing a good job! You usually don't get re-elected for doing a bad job. Thanks for pointing that out for me liberal Raby.

  • I get the feeling that Steve Raby was behind the robo calls based on his snide statements and that he was completely ready with quantity of comments on CFA page and all.
    Steve Raby has zero substance. ZERO! His campaign is based on lies and attacks and nothing more. Steve Raby is in a hole. The gambling, political corruption, money laundering schemes and lies are getting exposed.
    Steve Raby's only way out is to quit or desperately sling mud.
    Steve Raby needs to back out of this race to "spend some time with the family" to save himself further embarrassment from his attacks that are not going over too well with the general public.