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MCSO: Sex offender arrest in La. not “break” in case of murdered local businessman

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Bobby Joe Byrd/EBRSO

Madison County sheriff's investigators said late Friday afternoon the arrest of a local sex offender in Louisiana is not key to their investigation of the recent murder of a local businessman.

MSCO investigator Chad Brooks confirmed to HNW the recent arrest of Bobby Joe Byrd in Baton Rouge but stressed the arrest was for nothing more than Byrd's failure to register as a sex offender in Madison County.

"(Byrd is) one of a list of people we want to talk to," said Brooks, who acknowledged the killing of Mark Wenger was one of their highest priority cases. Wenger was found shot dead inside his home on July 12. No arrests have been made.

Brooks added the department is still working the case and is "actively seeking leads" from the community.

Byrd is still in the custody of Baton Rouge police, said Brooks, and extradition proceedings have not begun.

An officer at the East Baton Rouge Parrish Jail confirmed Byrd was still at their facility Friday evening.

13 Responses to “MCSO: Sex offender arrest in La. not “break” in case of murdered local businessman”

  • And i do not know what really happened!!We was not together then..

  • Ok clyde,for starters what he did was in 2007 not in 1996 and if your a cop you should know that!!! And second of all he did not kill Mark Wenger!! He has alot of witnesses of where he was at!! Did you not know he was cleared of that?? NO evidence!!You should know that if you are a cop!!!And i did some checking on the sex charge and yes you can be charged for snapping a bra!!You can be charged for pissing on the side of the road!!!And no dumbass i am not a sex offender!!I am a victum!There was no call for that remark!!!!And i have decided not to marry him because there is to many things coming up!!Its not our place to judge anyone!!Only god,him,and the victum knows the truth!!!!

  • do ya'll know.....if your a sex offender and did the crime before aren't on a list that we can read???? only the state will know you may live next to one...........BUT if they move after 1996 from where they were arrested.....we can see them many are out there you think..........
    thomas h. stewart in millbrook alabama....didnt register either....and he moved after 1996.....someone....turned him

  • Tonya???? you gonna marry your sex offender when he gets out of jail......lmaoooooooooo

  • but MAYBE you get off....on sex offenders hmmmz....tonya??.....are you also a non registered sex offender to??????????????

  • and also i know what he did to become a sex offender....maybe you need to go and read the file yourself.....ill bet you WONT marry his offendering azzz then!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he's a pervert..............

  • well a cop.....and you CANT be a sex offender popping a bra....dumazzzz.....and he is a sex offender....and your going to marry him?. did he also murder mr wenger....or pop his underware..

  • look bobby byrd is a great person!!!!!!And yes u can be charged as a sex affender if u pop a bra strap!!! I have asked the investergators and also the police dept!!!So u are the dumb ass!!!U can be charged just if u say something they dont like!!By the way;this is his girlfriend gonna be wife!!! Tonya

  • he told someone he only snaped a bra dont become a sex offender for that.....dumazz will come out what he did in the end......

  • also you can see many perverts are living near many.....and way to close.........

  • jenny..did you NOT read the arrest??..Byrd's failure to register as a sex offender in Madison County..thats they can hold him and also see if he murdered mr wenger........

  • The individual could have been convicted of a sex crime in Madison County or anywhere else. The charge was failing to register as a sex offender. If he failed to register then he probably would not be on Alabama's list or any other state's.

  • how can you say he is a sex offender and if he is why is he not registered in the state of alabama....... sounds a like they just came up with a reason to arrest him. i searched every sex offender registry and did not find a bobby byrd on any of them....